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Monkeying around at the Andaz Liverpool Street London

I like the style of Andaz hotels and enjoyed visiting their one in Amsterdam earlier this year designed by Marcel Wenders, so I was interested in checking out their property in Liverpool Street, London. The collection has got it just right for me with their winning fusion of the grand and glamorous with the quirky and artistic. They also have an impressive commitment to working with local artists, and the staff are always very friendly to boot.

Andaz goes Ape at the Andaz Hotel Liverpool Street London

Even though it was a gloomy old night Alice & Co was more than happy to put on some festive glad rags and pop down there. We’d heard there was a lot of buzz about their monkey-themed Christmas decorations and cocktails.

Designed by East End artist Bobby Patmore in collaboration with Ravensbourne College of Design, the windows and installations in the hotel foyer are a playful take on the fancy seasonal displays that are a feature of London’s West End every Christmas. Here there’s a stairwell full of golden monkeys with mistletoe, and in pride of place this hunky golden Gorilla Santa.

Alice & Co with the Andaz Goes Ape Gorilla‘Andaz Goes Ape’ with a golden Gorilla Santa

I took my friend Patricia Rayner to do the business with her camera. As the official photographer for the giant Crossrail project Patrica is often clambering around in tunnels taking pictures of guys with giant drills in hard hats so I was sure a gorilla and a few monkeys wouldn’t faze her.

Alice & Co silver top and striped silk trousers at the Andaz Hotel Liverpool St LondonNot to be outshone by those gilded apes I put on an Alice & Co liquid silver top and some fancy striped silk trousers.

Patricia wore her Alice & Co pale gold raincoat with a brocade lining over an Alice & Co stretchy velvet print dress – the poor old gorilla had to make do with his Santa hat.

Patricia Rayner at the Andaz Hotel Liverpool St. LondonPatricia under the lollipop tree

A pot of mulled wine and mini banana breads are a cheerful festive touch at the reception desk.

Alice & Co with mulled wine at the Andaz Hotel Liverpool St. LondonWhen we’d done with monkeying around in the lobby we moved on to the lively Catch Champagne bar to taste the special Christmas cocktails and get cosy by the fire.

Monkey Business cocktail at the Andaz Hotel Liverpool St LondonIn keeping with the Andaz Goes Ape theme there’s this Monkey Business cocktail made with Cruzan rum, crème de banane, cranberry and apple juice with some elderflower cordial. Lovely!

That surely must count as your five a day.

Or you could try a Maker’s Monkey with Maker’s Mark whisky, Drambuie, banana liqueur and dark chocolate liqueur.

Patricia Rayner in Alice & Co at the Andaz Hotel Liverpool St. LondonHere’s Patricia in an Alice & Co stretchy velvet dress looking gorgeous. It’s too late to order a party outfit for Christmas now, but please get in touch with us here for any New Year requests.

Happy Christmas…

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