About Alice & Co

About Alice

Growing up in a house full of pins, I was always dressed in individual outfits created by my mother, who often recycled her own mothers clothes on account of their beautiful fabrics

So designing and sewing is in my blood…

A career in theatre and costume design then led via a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway to the creation of Alice & Co (link), a made-to-measure clothing business for women that also offered colour and style consultations. Now this is suddenly 21 years old and has grown to include Designer Raincoats [Link), which is devoted to magnificent macs made in bold PVC colours with a rich oriental brocade inside, and Madame Tra La La, (link) which takes vintage clothes and remakes them to fit the modern woman.

I’ve designed thousands of outfits, both for special occasions and to make clients feel wonderful even on a boring Monday morning. I’ve made clothes for the Lord Mayor’s wife and the head of security at No 10, wedding dresses from super-posh to rock’n’roll, kitted out tango dancers and the 50s-style singers The Tootsie Rollers (link). I’ve made clothes to wear when you need to sack people, go to Scottish dancing, get that top job, cruise the world − and, of course, seduce that certain someone…

Behind the scenes is my North London workshop where a skilled team of cutters and seamstresses beaver away to produce fantastic outfits that are fitted and collected in our Islington studio, where there also happens to be a resident milliner. And, fortunately, I get to travel a lot as my partner is a journalist who writes about hotels and holidays for publications such as the Daily Telegraph, Financial Times How to Spend it, Sunday Times Travel Magazine and Marie Claire. Which is inspiring, and means I have to a lot of lovely outfits myself, and often find myself hanging around in hotel lobbies thinking how if you have a nice dress or suit you really need to know Where To Wear It (link). Which is how this globetrotting blog came about, a source of free style advice, travel tips and motivation about how to get out there and look fabulous.

If you want to comment, ask a question or just say hi − or maybe discuss something new to wear − you can email me here (link)

Thanks for your time and safe travels,




  1. Trish Steinhardt

    Fabulous blog site! What a clever idea and so useful to see how wearing an Alice & Co. outfit fits in and looks perfect anywhere and …Everywhere! Well done Alice
    T in Henley

    • Hello there… tara from Ooh La la! here.. Alice…love the idea of your wear to wear it suggestions.. My pennies are only stretching to Paris right now but oh well!! What better place to wear my pink bow belles stretch dress or my red rain mac!! Looking forward to coaxing the husband to new york this year though..another reason to wear Alice and Co there!!

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    • I’m not sure if they have hats – at the launch party to models all had quite high ‘up dos’ which wouldn’t have gone too well with a hat. They do have some fabulous red coats which sadly I didn’t manage to get a picture of. I agree with you – a hat is a great finishing flourish and we should wear more of them!

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