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Alice & Co at the SLEEP exhibition

Last week Alice & Co’s journey was a short one: just a hop, skip and a jump across to the Business Design Centre in Islington, North London to the SLEEP exhibition, where I went to see what the hotels of the future might look like. Could they ever be as good as the glamorous Plaza Athenée, Paris or the stylish Andaz Amsterdam?

There were complete mock up rooms….

Kelly Hoppen hotel room at the sleep exhibition This one by Kelly Hoppen is my favorite – monochromatic but not colourless, with lovely textures, lots to look at but still serene – I could imagine a good night’s sleep here.

There was lots of high tech gadgetry – most of which leaves me cold, all I require is a kettle, a heated towel rail and some lights I can turn on and off without needing an instruction book. However the 3D printer on display from Hobs Reprographic was a bit of kit I would really like to play with.

Model made by 3D printer by Hobs ReprographicThis is a model of a hotel bedroom it printed.

I watched it churn out dear little dolls house sized baths for an architect’s model and learned that these machines are going to have a great future in the textile industry. At Alice & Co we use short lengths of top quality fabrics so this type of production could be the future for companies like ours making one off pieces. I saw some supple chain mail made of metal coated plastic – medieval chic for next season maybe? But I don’t think I’m going to trade in my sewing machines and seamstresses just yet!

Combining inspiration from the natural world with high tech printing and processes, Stones of Scotland have created some dazzling designs based on agate stones found on the beach in Ayrshire by the designer’s dad. They split the stones to reveal their exquisite interiors and manipulate the images to make designs which can then be printed onto silks, velvets and even tiles.

Agate Designs from Stones of Scotland

I’m imagining some glorious Alice & Co velvet evening coats or some very funky trousers.

In the Newcomers gallery I met Icelandic artist Sigrun Lara Shanko

Rug Design by Sigrun Lara Shanowho is whiling away the the long winter evenings hand tufting sculptural wool rugs inspired by the lava flows, seascapes and mountains around her. I went to Iceland a few years ago in the winter – a fascinating and beautiful place. I’d love to go back one day.

 Also in the Newcomers gallery I spotted these beautifully simple travel clocks by Punkt

Alarm clock by Punkt d

….just the time – no nasty LED lights to keep you awake.

I’m putting one of these on my Christmas list.

There were also lots of impressive glass chandeliers  and mid-century inspired seating clad in colourful felted wools to create welcoming foyers.

All in all the future of hotel interiors is looking rather rosy – and inspiring me to create some new Alice & Co designs to swan around in them.

Here are a few of my fabrics and ideas

Pile of Alice & Co fabricsMy fabric stash ready for cutting out.

Alice & Co designs for orange wool trousers, silk top and purple wool skirtOrange wool trousers, a silk jersey print top, a purple wool skirt

Alice & Co designs for a perforated suede coat… and a perforated suede coat.

Get in touch here if there’s anything you’d like to order for traveling or staying at home.

Find out more about Alice & Co made to measure outfits and Alice’s traveling bug here.

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